Blog Response Guidelines

One of the ways we learn is from the thoughts and experiences of others. Because of this, you will regularly read and comment on your classmates' blogs to help you find new ways of approaching these materials and to expand your own creativity and worldview.

  1. Make sure you are logged into your class wordpress account so that it will show your name on your comment.
  2. Read at least two of your classmates blogs and comment on at least two of these posts
  3. Comments should be substantive, thoughtful, and responsive to the content of the blog. You can also ask questions to your classmate who wrote the blog. At minimum comments should be 4-5 sentences.
  4. Try to not always read / comment on the same classmates' blogs. Try to vary those who you are reading and commenting on to maximize your exposure to new ideas.
  5. Despite the more casual nature of blogs, I still expect you to responsibly cite materials, proofread your comments, and be thoughtful and structured in your writing.

Blog Response Goals

  • To increase your proficiency and comfort at analyzing primary sources and practicing using the digital tools we learn about in class
  • To engage with the public, including your peers, in offering thoughtful responses to historical materials
  • To gain experience and comfort in blogging and digital communication
  • To provide regular opportunities for synthesis, writing, and historical analysis in the classroom.
  • To enable students to find new ways of approaching these materials and to expand their own creativity and worldview

Blog Response Expectations

While blog responses will not be graded, I will track that you've completed them and alert you if they are not meeting basic standards. The following rubric will give you an example of my expectations for your writing in this course.
Meets Expectations Needs Improvement
Writing / Content / Ideas Your comments demonstrate that you've read your classmates' posts. You pay attention to complexity, contradictions, and nuance. You respond directly to your classmate's ideas and ask questions when appropriate. Your comments add value to the discussion taking place on this online forum. Your comments lack attention to complexity, contradictions, and nuance, and instead focuses on a single perspective and/or generalizations. Your comments are general and not tailored to your classmates' posts.
Professionalism Your comments follow the basic rules for clear writing. Your comments are proofread, and are well-written in an appropriately professional tone. Your comments meet all requirements. Your comments would be stronger if you invested more time in proofreading and revisions. Your comments may also be missing citations or be writing in too informal of a tone. Your comments may not have met all of the requirements.