Discussion Board Guidelines

Posting on the Dicussion Board prior to class will help you gather your thoughts on the readings and other materials assigned in this course.

  1. Log into Canvas and click on the correct Discussion Board link.
  2. Create a post with at least two thoughts on the assigned materials and at least one question about the materials.
  3. Comments should be substantive, thoughtful, and responsive to the assigned materials.
  4. Despite the more casual nature of discussion boards, I still expect you to responsibly cite materials and proofread your writing.

Discussion Board Goals

  • To help students prepare for class by offering the opportunity for them to engage with the readings (both by writing and by reading others' posts)
  • To gain experience and comfort in digital communication
  • To provide regular opportunities for synthesis, writing, and historical analysis.

Discussion Board Expectations

While discussion board responses will not be graded, I will track that you've completed them and alert you if they are not meeting basic standards. The following rubric will give you an example of my expectations for your writing in this course.
Meets Expectations Needs Improvement
Writing / Content / Ideas Your post demonstrates that you've read and explored materials assigned for class. You pay attention to complexity, contradictions, and nuance. You include specific, detailed examples and ask questions when appropriate. Your post demonstrates that you've begun to reflect on and engage with these assigned materials. Your post lacks attention to complexity, contradictions, and nuance, and instead focuses on a single perspective and/or generalizations. Your post is general and not tailored to the assigned materials.
Professionalism Your post follows the basic rules for clear writing. Your post is proofread, and are well-written in an appropriately professional tone. Your post meets all requirements. Your post would be stronger if you invested more time in proofreading and revisions. Your post may also be missing citations or be writing in too informal of a tone. Your post may not have met all of the requirements.