Guidelines for Podcasting Public History

With a group of classmates, you'll complete a 30-minute podcast, in addition to a "Podcast Pitch," a podcast workflow, and episode notes. Individually, you'll complete a short tool reflection.


  • Practice researching and engaging with issues and topics in the field of public history.
  • Practice writing, storytelling, & speaking for a public audience.
  • Develop a podcast pitch to practice implementing a project like this in a public history environment.
  • Use new technologies and tools to develop new media skills.

    • Podcast Pitch: 10 pts (Does it frame your project well?)
    • Podcast Organization and Storytelling: 15 pts.
    • Podcast Clarity and Editing: 10 pts.
    • Episode Notes: 5 pts
    • Workflow: 5 pts
    • Reflection: 5 pts
  • Assignment Directions
    1. Pretend that I'm your boss (oh, wait, I kind of am...) and that you're pitching me an idea for a podcast for our history/cultural institution. How are you going to sell me on this idea? Convince me that you've developed an excellent plan which is worth me allocating [[imaginary]] resources toward. You should use Hannah Hethmon's Podcast Pitch template (see canvas)
    2. With your group, create a 30-minute podcast. It should be clear, well-edited, and tell a story. The choice of topic and format are open, but it should connect back to your pitch. You may divide the labor (one person writes the script, one person edits, etc.), or work on all parts together. You will account for the division of labor at the end, so be sure that everyone is getting opportunities and balancing the work.
    3. At the end, revise the Podcast Production Checklist Chart that Hannah Hethmon produced (see canvas) to reflect your workflow. What did you add or change?
    4. Produce episode notes that share additional resources, a transcript of your podcast (if you make a script this should be easy), and any credits for music or other audio used. Here are some examples made by Hannah Hethmon
    5. Individually, prepare a reflection on your use of podcasting as a tool? How was it useful? What challenges did you face? What purposes might you use this for? How did your group divide the work? (.5-.75 pages single spaced)