• At the end of class (once each week), you will be given a self-evaluation survey to assess your discussion and participation for that day. Questions will include:
    1. What was your best contribution to class today?
    2. In what ways did you contribute to class today? (check all that apply):
      • Started the group on a rich, productive track by raising a point or question with a specific example or topic for discussion
      • Responded to others’ contributions by:
        • Responded to others’ contributions by:
        • Asking for clarification or evidence
        • Helping to support the point by contributing evidence and examples
        • Linking the point creatively to other readings or issues
        • Kindly pointing out unspoken assumptions behind the other person’s point
        • Raising a problem or complication behind the other person’s point
        • Stating a different point of view and backing it up
        • Synthesizing or pulling together the discussion so far to help the group see where they are
        • Talking about how this reading fits into larger course topics and themes
    3. What is one specific goal you have for improving your contributions to discussion over the next week? (see list above for ideas)
    4. What goal did you list last week? What actions did you take to improve upon your goal this week?
    5. I would grade my participation in class discussions today as:
      • check plus: I made valuable contributions today and I was an excellent, respectful listener and classmate. I made efforts to improve on my discussion goal from last week.
      • check: I contributed to class, but I think I can do a bit better. I listened respectfully to my classmates in discussion. I did not really do much to work on last week’s goal for improvement.
      • check minus: I did not contribute to class today, but listened respectfully.
      • none: I was late to class // did not participate // was a distraction to my classmates // was a poor listener.

  • Audience

    Yourself and the Instructor


    Rather than creating an ambiguous participation category, this course will assess participation in two ways - through discussion self-evaluation surveys and through reading responses. This discussion survey is intended to:

  • To encourage you to reflect upon your participation in class discussion and activities and to foster self-awareness in the classroom
  • To encourage you to participate actively in class, not only by contributing ideas to discussion but also to be an active and engaged listener
  • To encourage you to aim to be a better participant and listener over the course of the semester to help you develop these skills that are extremely important in both the classroom and in the workplace
  • Grading

    Reading responses will be graded on a four-point scale. Please note that I will review the surveys and consider the quality of your self-reflection in your survey. I also retain the right to adjust your grade if you did not make an honest effort at answering the questions.

    Points Category Description
    4 ✓ + Student recommended grade of 3-4 and had excellent, thorough self-relection
    3 Student recommended grade of 2-4 and had good self-reflection.
    1-2 ✓ - Student recommended grade of 1-2 and had good self-reflection; or recommended grade of 2-4 and either did not thoroughly answer questions and/or did not adequately participate.
    0 n/a Student was late to class // did not participate // was a distraction to classmates // was a poor listener.