Assigned Readings

  1. Sewell, Women and the Everyday City, Introduction-Chapter 2 (p.xi-65)

Questions to guide your reading:
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Sewell, Women and the Everyday City

  1. Content She outlines three ideas of studying space and place: the imagined, experienced, and built landscapes. What are these categories and how does she explain these spaces interrelate?
  2. ContentThemes In chapters 1 and 2, she examines street and streetcars and spaces of errands (department stores, local main streets, and grocery stores). How does she explain these as imagined, experienced, and built landscapes? How did class affect which spaces women went and how they experienced them?
  3. Analysis & Critical Thinking Diaries are one of her key sources. Whose diaries are these and what makes them unique? How do these diaries open up her ability to study space using her categories of imagined, experienced, and built landscape? Also pay close attention to the maps, photos, and other images she includes -- how do these function as part of her argument about San Francisco city spaces?
  4. Questions Do you have any questions about this reading?

Helpful Context

We'll return to this book throughout the rest of the semester because of how Sewell...

  • uses primary sources, especially images, to make spatial arguments
  • constructs maps using primary sources
  • defines the city as including overlapping spaces that are imagined, experienced, and built

    See tips and reminders on reading/taking notes in this course.

    Sewell, Women and the Everyday City