Assigned Readings:  

  1. Brian Godfrey, Neighborhoods in Transition: The Making of San Francisco's Ethnic and Noncomformist Communities:
    1. Chapter 1 (p. 1-17)
    2. Ch 2 excerpts (p. 24-31; read sections "Concepts of Neighborhood and Community", "Urbanism and Subcultures", "Ethnic Identities and Ethnic Enclaves")
    3. Chapter 3 (p.54-90)
  2. FoundSF articles:
    1. Choose one of three:
    2. Chinese Americans in San Francisco During World War II
    3. World War II In-Migration and Rising Bigotry
    4. Japanese Internment
      Choose one of two:
    1. Marinship to Marin City: How a Shipyard Built a City
    2. A Day's Work: Hunter's Point Shipyard Workers, 1940-1945

    Questions to guide your reading:
    Remember to include specific examples.


    No questions today. Godfrey's background is more within the Social Sciences (he's a geographer), and he's written this book with lots of conveniently titled subsections. Instead of using guided questions today, try briefly summarizing each subsection from your assigned reading. Remember to note specific examples.

    Questions for FoundSF readings:

    1. How is San Francisco changing during World War II? Note its changing population, its changing industry/economy, and its role as an important WWII port city. How are these changing conditions shaping the interactions between residents (or between residents and temporary residents/migrants)? How are these changing conditions altering the city's built environment and its distribution of industrial and residential spaces?

Helpful Context

See tips and reminders on reading/taking notes in this course.