1. Find a primary source related to this week's topic (even better to find one you could incorporate in your week end blog post). For ideas on where to find sources, see: Resources.
  2. Read and analyze the source. Use your primary source analysis checklist as a guide.
  3. Post a series of 4-5 tweets about your source. Each tweet should include: A) the number of the post(1-5), and B) the class hashtag #nd_sf.
    1. The first tweet will include a link to the item (so your classmates and I can locate it) and a description of the item. (Part A on checklist)
    2. The second will give the context of this source. You might find helpful information where you found your source or you might have to go digging for it on the web / in our readings. (Part A)
    3. The third will describe the content of the source. (Part B)
    4. The fourth will describe the importance of the source. Why do you think this is important/useful? (Part C)
    5. An optional (but suggested) fifth tweet will tell us what you think is cool about the source. (Part C)
  4. Due by 2PM on the date listed on class schedule.


twitter assignment example


Write for your peers as professional colleagues.


  • To increase your proficiency and comfort at finding and analyzing primary sources
  • To help you concisely communicate the content and importance of each source
  • To help you to gather sources that may be useful in writing your blog posts
  • To curate a collection of sources for the class to use for blog posts and coursework.
  • To gain skills in using social media for scholarly and/or professional purposes, and to cultivate a digital presence.
  • Grading

    Twitter primary source assignments will be graded on a five-point scale.
    Points Category Description
    5 ✓ + Meets all guidelines and content is exceptional (well thought-out, thorough analysis, and insightful recognition of importance of source)
    3-4 Meets all guidelines.
    1-2 ✓ - Completes assignment but content is lacking or does not complete all guidelines.
    0 --- Incomplete or missing assignment; inaccurate or inappropriate material